家徒四壁也好、兩袖清風也罷,政治終究還是淩駕於一切! Tough year in the offing for Wa News - S.H.A.N. Wednesday, 30 August 2006 The visit to Panghsang by Lt-Gen Thein Sein, Secretary 1 of the ruling military council's, August 15 had failed to bring about the relaxation in the restrictions on the timber and mineral exports imposed by China at the request of Burmese authorities, according to both local and non-local businessmen. Thein Sein had met the Wa's No. 2 man, Xiao Minliang, to negotiate the resumption of the hitherto booming timber and mineral trade suspended since Mar 租屋網ch 26. "He had proposed that the Wa allow junta-operated immigration, customs and schools to move in," said a disappointed Thai businessman of Shan descent. "The Wa, however, had refused to budge." The report was confirmed by a Wa source. On the other hand, human traffic has not been affected by the ban, which is in sharp contrast to Panghsang's neighbour Mongla in the southeast, run by its ally Sai Leun aka Lin Mingxian, where passages by people are heavily restricted but trucks loaded with coal, manganese and other mi 酒店經紀nerals mined in the area roll into China practically unchecked. (Nay Pyi Taw's schools, customs and immigration are permitted to operate in Mongla.) Back in Panghsang, timber trucks can pass through the border checkpoints into China 's Meng Lien only after paying a hefty duty, Y 5,000 ($ 625) per ton. In addition, there must be sufficient documentation that the logs originate either in Thailand or Laos , but not Burma. "For big companies, that's not such a big deal," said a Chinese businessman of Shan descent. "But for many oth G2000er such as ours, it's not an easy option." Over a year has gone by since the Wa had declared its drug-free stance, and as each month goes by, they are finding it more and more challenging to stick to their word, although Xiao Minliang, on June 26 making the first difficult year of the Wa's "supreme sacrifice", as he called it, had promised to hang on whatever the outcome. "We had expected that assistance would flow in," said a Wa administrative officer in Pangkham ( Land of Gold ), as Panghsang ( Land of Bamboo ) is officially known. "But what we a 烤肉re getting is only a tenth of what we need." The UN World Food Programme (WFP), for instance, has only been able to provide rice for children going to school, but not much for adults, according to him. The WFP, in its April evaluation report, made no bones about the Wa statement. One big problem it has been facing since the ouster of Gen Khin Nyunt in 2004 is that it has to go through a "cumbersome permit process": first, from the Trade Policy Council headed by Deputy Senior General Maung Aye; secondly, from the Rangoon Region Command before transporting rice to Man 酒店工作dalay; thirdly, from the Mandalay-based Central Region Command before transporting rice to Lashio; and finally, from the Lashio-based Northeastern Region Command before transporting it to the Wa, Kokang, Kachin and Palaung recipients. "What's more, their attempt to sell off their old stock (of heroin) in September (2005) had also been foiled (when the Burma Army, reportedly tipped off by China seized the cargo in Mongpiang)," said the Thai businessman. "So their only way out is to hand over the financial rein to Wei Hsuehkang (which they did on July 4)." Wei Hsuehkang, the de f 賣房子acto commander of 171st Military Region that adjoins northern Thailand, is wanted both in the kingdom and the United States on drug charges. Commenting on the latest developments, Sao Seng Suk, Chairman of the exiled Shan Democratic Union (SDU), said, "It seems the junta is doing its best to prevent the Wa from turning over a new leaf." The WFP meanwhile is planning to continue its food programme for another three years, from January 2007 to December 2009. Besides the WFP, another UN agency, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is operating in the Wa region. http://www.bnionline.net/index.p 裝潢hp?option=com_content&task=view&id=493&Itemid=6 ````````````````````````````````` 反噬者評: 佤方堅決拒絕緬方提議將緬方的移民局、稅務局、教育系統置進佤地區,對於這一事件,反噬者給予佤方高度肯定。 稍有一點政治常識的人,應該都明白緬方「善意援助」的最終動機為何? 如果,台灣、香港的國民教育大權,被中國共產黨所掌控,這兩個地區的下場將會如何? 至於緬方為何急於要掌控佤地區的移民大權,這個部份應有兩個動機,一為「防中」,二為向佤地區移入「自己人」,反噬者現在的腦海裡,浮現出一則緬方的諺語-----------捲曲的狗尾巴直不了(khway mee kauk kyi dauk soot) !  縱使,家徒四壁也好、兩袖清風也罷,政治終究還是淩駕於一切,一千年以前 土地買賣的恩怨依然還銘記於心,看來,中國共產黨與緬甸軍政權所謂的「胞波情誼」,維繫得應是極為辛苦的。 依反噬者的觀點來看,中共其實不用那麼辛苦,僅只要,促使以佤族為首的勢力及以撣族為首的勢力站到同一戰線,並給予些許的「台面下的照顧」,我們絕對可以把緬甸軍政權驅逐出撣邦大地,同時,請軍政權把自己帶來的軍、公、教體系,一併打包撤離。我們必然會建置一套符合我們各族利益的各項體系。 翁山素姬女士所屬的黨將來會不會引美軍進駐緬甸,我們沒有興趣。 我們可以確定的是,只要中國推我們一把,將緬軍趕走,我們可以作為中國對美勢力的緩衝國,我們不反中、也不親美,我們在乎的是人民的福祉,誰能給我們奶喝,誰就是娘。 我們深知撣邦人民想要什麼;中共對這點也很清楚 酒店兼職;緬甸軍政權同樣深刻地體認著。 政治版塊的挪移僅在一念之間,為了中國西南方的長治久安,中共可要高瞻遠矚、審時度勢啊!軍政權離你們而去只存在時間的問題,你們信得過美國一手培養出來的反對黨嗎? 中國當局要銘記江山易改,本性難移的古訓!你們真的信得過緬甸軍政權他們嗎?我們看到的事實是,他們處心積慮的在防範著你們,別再一廂情願了,至少籌碼別全押在他們身上,分散一些給急需者方符合你們的最大利益。西諺說得好:難蛋不可全放於一個籃子裡(Do not put all your eggs in one baskest)。了解佤邦: http://shanstatenews.googlepages.com/2006061216 .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋出租  .


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